Children's Ministry Application

We appreciate very much your desire to serve in one of the children’s ministries of our church. In a day of so much confusion about the Christian faith, compromise of the Biblical message, and misconduct with children, we believe you can understand our concern to know those who are teaching and ministering in our various church programs. This application form will aid in the spiritual and physical protection of our church ministry.We ask you to consider the following questions and answer them carefully. Your agreement is a significant commitment.  These forms will be kept in strict confidence.

The procedure  for working with children at the church has been revised and will follow this course:

  1. Applicant will fill out the Children’s Ministry Application online through the link below.  Those without computer access can use the church computers or a paper copy can be made available.
  2. Applicant will review the Children’s Ministry Policy available below or through the office.
  3. Pastoral Staff will review the application, authorize a background check, and send a link to a series of online Child Safety Videos.
  4. Applicant will receive an email from “” in order to view the videos and answer a brief quiz.
  5. Staff will approve the applicant to the appropriate Ministry Leader after satisfactory completion of the application, background check, and safety training.

Thank you for your desire to serve others in ministry.  We look forward to serving together when these steps are completed.

-The Pastors and Elders of the Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church

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Children’s Ministry Policy for the Prevention of Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse

WE BELIEVE: The Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church believes that children are a gift of the Lord (Ps 127:3). Our church is committed to nurturing and training children in the Christian faith (Eph 6:4). The church seeks to create an environment where its workers, paid and volunteer, are committed, capable and appropriate for this task. We will labor to prevent anyone from causing one of these children to stumble (Matt 18:6).

PURPOSE: To assure a safe environment that will allow children and youth to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ through church relationships and activities.

THEREFORE: Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church (DHEFC) requires the following procedures:

1       Screening –

All youth workers and childcare workers will be screened to assure that they are appropriate for that ministry.  The screening will include workers from all areas of children and youth ministries: All Paid Staff, Nursery and Toddler Care, Sunday School, Christian Service Brigade, Pioneer Girls, Kids Church, Step by Step Pre-school, Student Ministries, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (childcare workers only) and VBS. The screening process entails the following:

1.1    Application, Including 3 References, will be reviewed by the Screening Team and presented to the ministry supervisor for approval, close supervision, or rejection.
1.1.1    Minister (from previous church if a new member in the last three years or not a member of DHEFC) or if a member for 3+ years reference will be from someone who has supervised the applicant in prior ministry work .
1.1.2    Employer – If not employed, reference should be from previous volunteer work supervisor.
1.1.3    Spouse or closest family member.
1.2    Interview—Only if deemed necessary by the Children’s Ministry Screening Team or applicant.
1.3    Background check – The screening team may perform a background check including, but not limited to, The National Sex Offender Database. For those who will be driving children during the course of the ministry, a Department of Motor Vehicles check will also be mandatory.
1.4    All records received will be kept in a locked cabinet in the church office.  Only the Pastors, Elders and the Children’s Ministry Screening Team are allowed to view files and must keep strict confidentiality.
1.5    Acceptance of Job description – All youth workers and childcare workers will receive and sign job descriptions that explain:
1.5.1    The purpose of their position
1.5.2    Their role in the ministry
1.5.3    Standards of conduct/prohibited behaviors
1.5.4    Who their supervisor is
1.6    Education – All youth workers and childcare workers will be educated in these areas:
1.6.1    Definition of child abuse
1.6.2    Church’s policy on child abuse
1.6.3    Identification of child abuse
1.6.4    Reporting child abuse

2       Reporting child abuse

2.1    Coordinator Steve Rise has been designated as the reporter on cases of suspected child abuse. His title is “Safe Environment Officer.”  Stephen Arters will be the assigned alternate in case Steve Rise is unavailable. All youth workers and childcare workers will be trained to report suspicions to the SEO.  All church members must report suspected cases of child abuse to the church’s designated leader.
2.1.1    A picture of the SEO will be posted in the Christian Education wing to make sure workers know to whom to report.

2.2    The church also commits itself to report all suspected cases of abuse to appropriate government authority.  Child abuse is a criminal offense and must be reported.  By making this commitment, we are stating that child abuse will not be tolerated in the church.

3       Guidelines for Working with Children

3.1    A youth worker must be a minimum of 19 years old.
3.1.1    Those under 19 years old may assist, but are not to be lead youth workers.
3.2    Adults/teens are not allowed to be alone with children.
3.3    Youth workers are not allowed to be alone with youth, except in public places.
3.4    The nursery and childcare departments will have a minimum of two people working at a time with one person in charge.
3.5    No one with a past history of committing child abuse will be allowed to have contact with children.
3.6    Those with past history of committing child abuse will be monitored closely so that they will not have interaction with children.
3.7    Those who have been victims of child abuse can be workers/volunteers, but they must have received counseling prior to their involvement.  A reference from their counselor is required.
3.8    Victims of child abuse who are workers/volunteers will receive closer supervision that includes direct discussions of how their past may affect their work.
3.9    Contact with children and youth
3.9.1    Physical contact that can cause harm is prohibited.
3.9.2    Speech that is foul, harassing or abusive is prohibited.
3.9.3    Only quick hugs are allowed.  No petting or kissing is allowed.
3.9.4    No sexual contact with children or youth is allowed.
3.9.5    Nursery Care:    Parents must give permission for diaper changes by workers.    Workers must return children to parent or other guardian as indicated on the sign-in form.    Those not part of the nursery care team should not be in the nursery except momentary care (pick-up, diaper change.)

4       Supervision of Workers/volunteers

4.1    All youth/childcare workers and volunteers will be supervised.
4.2    Childcare facilities and Sunday School classes will be regularly observed by a supervisor.
4.3    All youth workers and volunteers will be supervised by the Youth Pastor. The following will be part of each supervision:
4.3.1    Review of activities with youth
4.3.2    Review of job description
4.3.3    Questions about relationships with youth and feelings toward them.
4.4    Youth who meet with adults regularly outside youth group time will be asked monthly about their relationships with the adults to check on their appropriateness.