Ernesto and Margaret Zavala Christmas 2012 Update

Invest in the life of deaf people, their community, their hearing families and relatives.


Consider for a moment how a small investment of faith can change a life. 

Eber fathered Johanna and when he found out his daughter was deaf, he was deeply disappointed. He did not leave his wife and deaf child (a rare situation). He decided to stick it out and stayed. His wife noticed he was ashamed of the deafness of his daughter. The team and I visited him; Eber had never seen a deaf adult. His daughter came in and began to teach him how to sign. The house was plastered with names of everything in the house. Eber was surprised how much Johanna knew and could and would try to show him signs.  We shared the meal we had brought to his home, others came but he did not stop any of us from using our hands to sign. The neighbors were as surprised as Eber was to see us come to his home and showed him how good his daughter could communicate with us and with Vanessa as a deaf adult. His attitude changed. He is no longer ashamed of his daughter’s deafness.

My job? To build bridges to expose hearing families and relatives of deaf children to signs and the deaf community – `future home’ of their children.

Your job? Help the kingdom of God helping to pay the salaries of deaf adults (who otherwise have no means of income) to reach out to hearing families and relatives of deaf people with the message of communication and information for all and then to Christ.

We can each play a role in the lives of deaf children and their families.  Personally, I am thrilled that I can play a role in the lives of these deaf children and their families with strategic thinking, and a new state-of-the -art project to reach out to them and all, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (James 1: 22-25)




As 2012 comes to a close, would you consider investing a special financial gift towards our ministry? A gift towards our projects would allow me and my team to continue working full-time and unhindered. First, we need to purchase teaching materials for deaf children to continue the second stage of the deaf home, teaching them how to read and write and to purchase a copy machine for the day-to-day ministry in the next month ($2,500). The second opportunity is to give towards our 2013 financial needs. In addition to the funds I have already raised, I am asking God to provide for our outstanding needs of $19,000 heading into the 2013 ministry year. A gift of $50, $200, $500 or any amount of your choice would be a great blessing.

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Ripe for Harvest has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Donor Electronic Contribution is available: If you wish to give on a monthly basis and would like to have your bank automatically debited, film the attached form and send it to P.O. Box, Monument, CO 80132 

Make a donation securely on-line via a credit card by clicking on the link below.  (Be sure to select the staff member’s name, project name, or account number):

Thank you so much for considering these opportunities to invest in the changed lives of deaf children and their families; and those deaf adults who do not have ways to earn a living for lack of education and opportunity. Your partnership is the greatest gift! 


May the Eternal Promise of Christmas be with you throughout the year.

Ernesto and Margaret

Isaiah 9: 6-7

Ernesto & Margaret

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