Ernesto and Margaret Zavala

As you know, it has been almost two years since I joined with Ripe for Harvest developing a more integral ministry to reach the deaf of Peru. RFH are great for my personal support.

I have been involved with the deaf in Peru since 1983. I went from assisting the only Christian school for the deaf in Lima, to identifying specific people qualified to interpret for the deaf, to involvement in creating an Interpreters organization, to presently working more directly with the deaf community.  We reached out to deaf children on the streets of Lima, and in the process began a separate ministry to street children which is still ongoing.  With the help of other committed people, we have fought for the rights of deaf people and the recognition of sign language.  We have promoted deaf awareness, formed and endorsed after-school programs with the help of deaf adults.  We have encouraged deaf children and their parents to learn to communicate in signs; we have sponsored deaf adults to attend trainings outside of Peru where they can observe strong deaf role models, broaden their horizons and glimpse their own potential.  All of these activities were carried out with a single purpose: TO PRESENT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST in a meaningful way to the deaf people of Peru.  So that they, too, could have the opportunity to freely choose the gift of eternal life.

A very lengthy paragraph above, but as I summarize the last 30 years, I realize that it will all be in vain if we do not provide the deaf with a means to communicate, education, information and then the freedom to choose for themselves, Jesus [as we ourselves have done].  If we fail to introduce them to Jesus, then we have failed in our efforts to reach them fully with the Gospel of Christ.

In the last two years, with the help of two gifted Christian deaf adults, I have worked to train four hearing mothers to learn signs and communicate intimately, one-on-one with their deaf children — for the first time in their lives, just mother and child!  One of them is now seeking a college career to help her deaf son.

Why this explanation? We are in need of a Special Education Teacher for the Deaf, and I believe the Lord is calling Tatiana to help us. She has 14 years experience as a teacher for the deaf and knows signs. She has helped us in the past, and I know her passion – to work with deaf children.

Tatiana will soon be leaving a well-paid job, and we need a dedicated teacher with the experience to strive with us toward the goal to teach and come alongside the deaf – they are so valuable, each one!  However, we need a salary for Tatiana. She is a good worker and has already been assisting us as a volunteer.  But as an employee, she needs to be paid.

We need $1,000 a month to give her a livable salary which includes labor taxes and other customary benefits required by Peruvian law. As part of our Christian testimony, we comply with the Peruvian regulations.

We need 40 people to pledge $25 a month, or 20 to pledge $50 per month. This is a 2-year commitment, and at the end of that time, we will assess our progress.  Thus far, we have 24 people committed to $25 a month. Could you be one of them? You would be number 25.  4 others are thinking about. (The thermometer needs to be updated).

This “invisible group” of God’s creation needs this specific person for the future of the ministry. Please consider this matter carefully.  Our traditional gospel approach is futile unless we first teach them to learn to communicate and in due time read and write.  How else can we reach them?  Only when we can clearly share with them the full gospel, in turn they to fully understand everything, will they then have the freedom to make an educated, wise choice for our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can send your contributions to:

Teacher Salary

Ripe For Harvest World Outreach

P.O. Box 487

Monument, CO 80132

(Put in the memo: TEACHER FUND-PERU account 20371)

Thank you, thank you for all your help in the past. Tatiana was the teacher for the deaf you helped send to Brasil two years ago as a church.

In July of this year, there is another conference taking place in Turkey. Just like the one in Rio de Janeiro in 3013. The result of that conference was a mother of a deaf child returning to college and working towards a degree in education. Two deaf adults training to become teachers. One interpreter working to be a better interpreter. Great results. We hopr we can send tree people to this event. It is further and of course much more costly. We are praying and will share this with you when I am home.

In His Service,



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