Nicaragua ‘11 Day 2

Wow what a day of serving we had today.  As usual, the first work day of a missions trip involves getting a lay of the land and picking up tools and supplies we were lacking. So after an early breakfast and a few trips to stores we were off to the village called Cristo Rey. Below are a few images of our trip there. The first is one of the new city dump sites, on the outside border of the barrio. As the main city dump is almost closed, other sites, like this one, have become dumping grounds in recent months.

nicaragua aug 8 2011 020

Entering the barrio, we traveled to a church that is in the middle of the refugee camp. This is the basis of operations for our team, and the agent that decided which families among the thousands, to supply a new house to. Those that attend the church are given consideration, as well as those with critical living conditions.

nicaragua aug 8 2011 023

We divided into four teams, each with at least one translator, and one carpenter type, and headed out to build an entire structure in one day.  One of the things we found out is that many homes are being built over the site of the existing home, so in order for the family to have a roof over their head, we need to finish the job the day we start it. Yikes. The temp today was about 91 and humid…we even had a shower early in the afternoon. HOT HOT HOT!

Agua por favor!

nicaragua aug 8 2011 041

Layout, digging post holes…which was a killer… and then the roof and walls.

nicaragua aug 8 2011 063

Mixing concrete…we that’s why we have trucks deliver it in the USA…it was incredibly tough, in the midst of the hot day. But each team managed to get the job done.


nicaragua aug 8 2011 081

Here is a finished house, with Ken Mannale putting on the some final touches.

Tomorrow we repeat the whole process again. With four more houses, if not more.

Please pray for strength and stamina for the team.

Pray for Carol Carlsen to not get another migraine at the site, as it smells of burning trash all day long.

Pray for Steve Rise doing counseling with several children and staff members of orphanages.

Pray for good weather, as a little rain makes traveling very hard, and our materials might not make it out to the sites.

Pray for good connections with families here, that they would be encouraged to trust Jesus because we have loved them in his name.

Look for another update tomorrow evening.


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  1. Coli0323 August 13, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    This week of sharing the experience your week in Nicaragua has been such an eye opener for me reading from the comfort of my home. What continues to come to mind is how can we help people right here in NY who don’t have. I feel the work in Nicaragua can set the stage for both young and old at DHEFC to truly live out “love your neighbor as yourself” by reaching out to schools,foster homes,churches in Huntington, NYC bouroughs all of LOng Island. Thank you team nicaragua and thank you Lord for opening my heart to appreciating EVERYTHING I have. From the shoes on my feet to the pillow I know will be there waiting to rest my head on each night because there are so many who can’t say the same…. Try to be still and listen to what God wants each one of you to here before you return home. Safe travels. Nicole

  2. Debi August 13, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    Beautiful image of service in the name of Christ and modeled after his life!

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