Our Mission

To lead all people to worship Jesus Christ,
serve others in his name, and connect with his followers.

As we are actively engaged in these three components of the Christian life, we will be equipped for God’s purposes for our lives.

We’re called to worship together. We come into the building on a regular basis and with one heart and mind. Romans 15:5-6 is a prayer that God would give the people perseverance and encouragement to glorify God with “one voice.” I pray that you encourage one another, noticing those who are missing, praying over an issue, singing with passion, sharing insights into the Word.

We’re called to serve together. A body of water that does not flow becomes stagnant. Serving one another, and serving in mission will keep us fresh and dependent on Jesus. 1 Peter 4:10 challenges us to show the multi-faceted grace of God by serving each other. I pray that you reach out to people whom God has placed on your mind and keep in contact with those who serve you. We will become a people expressing their God-given talents in conjunction with the gifting of others to produce a powerful influence for God’s kingdom.

We’re called to connect together. Because Jesus has restored us to God, we are also being restored to each other. 1 Peter 4:9 encourages us to open up our homes to one another. I pray that you spend time together outside of Sunday mornings or events on the church campus. Would it not be awesome to be part of a church with people sharing an evening, working under a car, bringing a meal, sitting poolside, talking about struggles, sharing stories.

Some of the core values we hold:

Intergenerational Ministry- We believe that the church of Jesus Christ is enriched by the wisdom, perspective, and opportunities of all generations. Believers in any age group are brothers and sisters in Christ, gifted to encourage the body, and serve the world. Our worship, and weekly schedule reflects a desire to get people of various life-situations together for worship and instruction.

The Authority of the Word of God- We take the bible seriously. It is infused into the framework of many of our ministries and is the central part of our Sunday worship experience. We encourage people to read it, memorize it, study it…and certainly to put it into practice. We expect that the Bible will speak to the issues we face every day, and that we can trust God’s wisdom above our own.

Languages of Worship- We are commited to providing both traditional and contemptoroy worship formats because we beleive that musical styles are like languages. While one may be able to speak a foreign languague, it is often easier to express the deepest emotions and thoughts out of a native tongue. Well-crafted and theologically developed hymns lead some to the throne of God, while others are encouraged through the Psalm-like character of contemporary worship songs.

Below is a visual representation of some of our other core values: (t
he wording is taken from a book, Shaped by God’s Heart, by Milfred Minatrea.