Step by Step Preschool

Our Purpose:

We are a Christian school desiring to provide a caring environment in which your child can:

  • Learn about him/herself
  • Learn to be part of a group
  • Have positive interaction with peers and adults
  • Discover and experience God’s world
  • Prepare for Kindergarten

Our Program:

Our program is designed to help children develop socially, physically, academically and spiritually.  Our curriculum includes free play, basic mathematics, science, phonics, social studies, writing, reading readiness and the use of manipulatives.  We also integrate music, basic French and Bible stories.  We help children prepare for kindergarten and become kind, helpful, loving and thankful.

Our School:

Our building is climate controlled, and classrooms are large and sunny.  We have a fenced outdoor playground that provides opportunities for running, climbing, swinging, digging and creative play.  We also have a gymnasium with indoor activities for days of inclement weather.  Our building contains a large, fully equipped kitchen for cooking and baking activities.

Our Staff:

All of our teachers have many years of experience in working with preschoolers.  It is their goal to assess each child’s  individual developmental level and skills, and encourage and facilitate  continued growth.  They handle potential separation difficulties and social interaction conflicts with calmness and love.  In order to insure maximum individual attention, the child/teacher ratio is kept low.  Each class is staffed with two teachers at all times.


Parents must provide or arrange transportation to and from school and accompany their child in and out of the building.  We also ask parents to take turns accompanying us on field trips and thus providing the transportation for the trips.  We schedule age appropriate trips that provide new experiences and reinforce the classroom curriculum.

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