Bible Instruction Class 2015

bible instructionsmThis class meets on Wednesdays thru the year to help 8th and 9th grade students understand the Gospel of God.

Here is the schedule for the weeks:

Date Topic Key Question
9/3 Introduction Why am I here?
Homework Due Tonight: Showing Up
9/10 God 1 What is God like?
Homework Due Tonight: Showing Up with Bible
9/24 God-Creator 2 Am I more than primeval soup?
Homework Due Tonight: Complete Study 1
10/1 God-Truth 3 Can there be only one True Religion?
Homework Due Tonight: Complete Study 2
10/8 Bible-Authority 4 Why can I trust the Bible?
Homework Due Tonight Have the Books of the NT memorized in order
10/15 Bible-God’s Story 5 How does it all fit together?
Homework Due Tonight: Bring a Bathrobe, 3 Sermon Notes Due
10/22 Bible-Studying it 6 What is God really saying?
Homework Due Tonight: Have Psalm 1 memorized
10/29 The Human Condition 7 What’s wrong with people?
Homework Due Tonight: Have Romans 3:23 memorized.
10/14 Christ-Life 8 Who is Jesus of Nazareth?
Homework Due Tonight: Send Article about Jesus
11/5 Christ-Teaching 9 What does God want from me?
Homework Due Tonight: 3 Sermon Notes Due (6 total)