VBS Drop-off and Pick-up Procedure


Vacation Bible School Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures


Thanks for registering for VBS at The Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church!  For the safety of all children, DHEFC has come up with some new arrival and dismissal procedures.


ON MONDAY MORNING ONLY– All parents will need to sign the hard copy of their registration forms and provide any missing information (ie. insurance information and policy numbers) in order for their child to attend VBS.  This is mandated by our insurance company.  Parents are then welcome to walk their children to their class lines located at the back of our building.  Parents are also welcomed to check out their classrooms and our large meeting room at that time, if so desired.


DISMISSAL PROCEDURE – At 12:30pm, all children in the nursery up to 4years old will be dismissed to their classrooms where parents who are staying on the premises can pick them up at their earliest convenience.  All children aged 5 through 6th grade will be dismissed to their class lines located in the back of the church.  Parents will arrive and drive in a single file – following the clearly marked guides – to the back of the church and wait in the “dismissal cue” where a runner will come to the car, get the name of the child(ren), and then go and hand deliver child(ren) to the car.  This will also apply to parents who have children in both the Pre-K and grade school programs.


ARRIVAL PROCEDURE – Starting at 9:15am, parents will drive through the cue, and only let their children out once a runner has come to the car.  PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD OUT OF THE CAR BEFORE A RUNNER HAS ARRIVED TO YOU AS WE ARE CONCERNED FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD.  You will need to remain in the line until the car ahead of you has moved on, so please be patient and we will be able to get things moving quickly.


If for some reason you do need to enter the building on a particular day, we ask that you park over on Cupid Court, located across the street from the church.


We respectfully request each parent to adhere to this policy as your child’s safety is our utmost priority.


Thank you!


VBS Staff